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We develop and deliver training programs to increase awareness and applied knowledge of information technology practices and principles across the globe. We offer online and in-class courses that are primarily for individuals involved in information management.

Free Courses

Get started with the basics of information technology. Learn more about security, programming and office.

Premium Courses

Move further with advanced courses in cyber security, data recovery, virtualization and much more!

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for Everyone

Want to train your team on cybersecurity? Take one of our security awareness courses. Migrating to Office 365? Learn more about the process. The possibilities are endless and we are here to support you.


Learn how to stay secure, no matter where you are.      


Everyone is moving to cloud. Learn how you can too.


Courses on inbound and outbound marketing.


How do you recover? Is cloud or on-premise better?

Office 365

On-premise Microsoft Office is a thing of the past – learn why.


Want to meet that new target? Learn from industry experts.

Become an expert

Advance your skills in a variety of topics so you can become a leader in the industry.

Learn by Doing

Depending on the course, we’ll give you portal access to learn different platforms. There’s no better way of learning something than experiencing it hands-on.

Build your portfolio

Expand your skill set and strengthen your knowledge. Get an edge on your competitors.

Achieve your goals

We’ll share some best practices we’ve learned over the last 17 years of business.

“My entire team loved the cyber security training course!”

In this day and age, everything is on the internet. This makes it easy for prying eyes to lock onto you as a target if you don’t know better. Training my team was one of the best decisions I’ve made!
John Smith, CDW


How do I get an account?

Go to the login page and register for an account. Approval process can take up to 48 hours.

Why don't I see any courses?

Your account access may be limited due to your status as a partner. If you believe you should see a certain course please contact us.

Do you do onsite training?

Yes! We offer Cyber Security Awareness training onsite at a price of $49.99 per user. (Minimum 12 users)

How do I add a team member to our group?

The team member must register for an account first and state their company. If you have enough licenses, they will automatically see your company’s courses.

How do I delete a user from our group?

Please contact us.

Can I purchase a one off license for a certain course?

Certainly. Go to available courses in the navigation and select the course you are interested in.

I've purchased an account and still don't see it?

Please contact us. You should automatically see the courses you purchased as long as the transaction was approved.