Pre-Process is the main collective pool in which all tickets (whether human-generated or system generated) are first collected in. This is the first point of contact with the client; once the ticket is on the Pre-Process Board, the designated Pre-Processing individual will go through the ticket, determine the nature of the issue and assign to an SD Tier 1 resource or another appropriate individual.  

There is a fifteen (15) minute limit in which a ticket can stay in Pre-Process before an alert goes out to management that there is a ticket waiting to be assigned in Pre-Process. If you are designed to do Pre-Processing that day, it is important to ensure that tickets are analyzed and assigned as soon as possible.  

In most cases, the Summary Description line will give you a general idea on what the issue may be about. However, it is still prudent to open the ticket and read through the body of the ticket itself to try and verify the exact nature of the issue.