There are various automated systems that generate tickets and send them in to Pre-Process. Some of these are configured from the client company’s end and some are from our monitoring systems.  

Some of these are configured to go straight onto the NOC Board but some will come in to Pre-Process. These include configured Alerts from any of the following Devices: 

  • UPS 
  • Switch 
  • Firewalls (please keep in mind Secure-IT tickets go on the Secure-IT Board. Please refer to the Secure-IT Guide)  
  • Access Points 
  • Routers 
  • iDRAC/iLO 

N-Central and Barracuda Appliances (NG Firewalls, Backup Appliances) are programmed to generate alerts to send them to Pre-Process or the NOC Board depending on their configuration. 

If it is in Pre-Process, the following tickets must be moved to the NOC Services Board and assigned a resource from the NOC Team: 

  • Barracuda Backup Alerts 
  • UPS alerts 
  • Firewall/connectivity alerts 
  • DRAC/iLO alerts 

It is imperative that these tickets are assigned and examined quickly as they may require urgent action. The following types of tickets are generated by N-Central  for the Servers being monitored for our Clients. Anything that is BOLDED needs to be actioned immediately: 

  • Disk Alerts (especially if it is for Disk C) 
  • Exchange Database Store Mount Status  
  • Exchange Services 
  • Connectivity *  
  • Agent Status *  
  • Windows Services 
  • DNS 
  • SMTP 

In particular, if Connectivity and Agent Status Alerts are BOTH generated and remain that way consistently for more than twenty (20) minutes, please follow Escalation Protocol right away. 

Many of these Alerts and their Statuses can be found on the 0-Advised board in N-Central.Below is what the 0-Advised board looks like. 


Note: Any time a Server is showing a “Red Alert” for Exchange Database Store Mount Status, remote into the Server Immediately to investigate further. In some cases, it may be due to the Databases failing over to the other cluster. If it is a genuine failure, it must be immediately Escalated as this means that the Client’s users will not be able to receive or send any emails.