Bomgar is one of the remote access tools the Service Desk uses at JoleraCheck the Client Advisory of the client before using Bomgar. Some clients, for example Commonwealth of Learning prohibits the use of Bomgar to remotely access user workstations. Such conditions will come up as a reminder when you open a ticket for that client in ConnectWise; we are not to circumvent those conditions unless in an exceptional case and approval has been obtained.

ALWAYS GET CONSENT FROM THE END USER/PRIMARY CONTACT to remote in to workstations after-hours. This is important as many clients deal with sensitive information that have strict ethical/legal requirements with respect to access and handling.   

There are seven (7) active licenses for Bomgar. If all slots are being used and you need it in order to assist an end user, please ask your colleagues if any of them can log out of Bomgar so that you can log in and assist the user. For this reason, if the client has workstations on N-able, use N-able to remote in and Bomgar as a last resort.