Your workstation will have the Bomgar client installed. Log in with your credentials. Keep in mind Bomgar credentials are not active directory integrated.  

You will have to direct the end user to the Bomgar Remote Support site ( You can provide your representative number. As long as you are logged in to Bomgar, they will be able to find your name on the list.  

To find out your Support Representative Number, click on the Start button at the top left-hand corner and you will see a dialog box pop-up. From there you can see your assigned representative number. See screenshot below.  

(insert diagram here)

You can also visit and see your support representative number there as well.  

Once they click on your name on, they will be prompted to download the Bomgar executable file. Advise the end user to run the file. Once the file runs, advise the end user to allow Bomgar to make changes once the user access control message pops up.  

Upon starting the remote session, the first step is to elevate your credentials. As most users do not have administrative privileges on their workstations, you will need to elevate your access on their machine in order to carry out tasks. Otherwise, you will not be able to proceed as the UAC prompt will freeze your ability to control the keyboard and mouse.

If a user is calling from home and they are using their personal workstations, click on the option to prompt the customer, and they will get a UAC window requesting elevation. Ask the user to click on “Yes” and you should be elevated.  

Once you have elevated your credentials, you can then begin your tasks to assist the user.