These are tickets that are submitted by end-users or primary contacts from our various clients. When an end-user sends an email to, the ticket arrives in Pre-Process. In some cases, clients will use an internal email address and have it set to forward to our email address. For example, OPTrust uses, which forwards to 

Many clients will simply use to reach us regarding requests and/or projects which are Out of Scope for Service Desk, and may have been meant for Managed Services, Professional Services or any of the other Departments. It is the responsibility of the designed Pre-Process individual to determine the request, to whom it should be assigned and enure that individual is informed of the Ticket before assigning it. If for any reason you are unsure about any request or whom it should be assigned to, please contact your Team Leads or Management for advice.

Reading the body of the ticket is Crucial as sometimes, the submitted request may require written approval from the designed client primary contact to proceed further. 

  • If the ticket contact information is set to the end-user, please add the primary contact’s email to the CC field in the time entry and check off ONLY the CC to send the email requesting approval to complete the task as requested by the user 
  • If the ticket contact information is set to the Primary Contact (which is by default IF the user is not already part of the client’s database in ConnectWise) BUT the email address is set to the submitting user, please keep the email and change the user’s name manually. 
  • If the ticket has been submitted by the Primary Contact on behalf of another user, try changing the contact information to the actual user who needs assistance. If that option is not available, then coordinate with the Primary Contact to see if you will need to directly reach out to them and their direct contact information.